For several years Maria explored her curiosity for design through photography. At the age of 16, she started to organize photoshoots. At first, with friends, later with professional models. 

But since her interest in other design fields was still very strong, she decided to study communication design at HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences. In her studies, she specialized in corporate design, spatial design, wayfinding, and editorial design. She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in 2020.

She is still curious and interested in broadening her mind and trying other mediums. Just recently, she got into illustration and animation.

In her spare time, she also likes to make things from scratch. In contrast to her mostly digital work, she focuses more on analog ways. Baking bread, working with clay, or gardening are just a few things to mention. Apart from that, she enjoys the great outdoors, especially the sea. She loves swimming and surfing, which is why she dreams of a small house by the sea.


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graphic design
corporate design
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editorial design
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