2020 Calendar

End of last year I did an internship. It was part of my communication design studies. During that time I had the pleasure of designing a poster calendar for 2020. After trying out different ideas and layouts we decided that I should stick to the pattern idea. After working on all details and perfecting the layout…


People With Plants – Animation

I’m currently in my semester break and wanted to practice my animation skills using After Effects. I also wanted to get back to drawing. I started with a pretty simple (and quite rough) sketch on paper. Of course, this illustration had to involve a plant. So I did a series of animations that show people transporting…


Monthly Inspiration: October

This month has been all about magazine and editorial design. My current project at uni is a relaunch of a magazine and since this is quite out of my comfort zone and I pretty much don't know anything about it (except for the very basic things) I soak up everything I can find. I get so inspired…


Surf Illustrations + Plants

Thought I'd share some stuff I am currently working on. I just started to get back into illustrating. I think for now I'm more comfortable with creating digital art. I still need to find out what style I like the most but this is what I've done so far. Also, I like surfing and plants. So…


Square Wave Shooting

Better late than never. Finally, I can show you the photos I took for Square Wave’s Online Shop last summer. It was a super fun shooting and the weather was just perfect. Models are Philipp and Antonio. Thanks again!!!

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