Hello there, nice to meet you!

Maria Scherlies Portrait

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, let me quickly introduce myself: I’m Maria Scherlies and 26 years old. Currently, I study communication design and live in Berlin, Germany. But my goal is to have a little house near the ocean someday. I am an all-round creative person since I was little. Another thing that always fascinates me is creating things from scratch. Whether it’s growing my own veggies, sewing bags or baking homemade bread.

However, for a living, I do what I’m enjoying the most: I solve problems through my creativity (even though I freaking love eating my homemade sourdough bread). Since sustainability and meaning are important to me, I hope that I can help brands and organizations who share the same values.

So if you have a great solution, product or service and looking for someone who can help you with communicating it through visuals, whether it is a new logo, a corporate design, web design or illustrations, don’t be shy and say hello!  Apart from that, I am also a passionate and experienced fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer and can assist with this as well.