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2018 – 2019
student assistant job

01 research

02 research – orientation and wayfinding


For most people, it is not a positive experience to visit the dentist. Especially children are afraid of this. Once a year school groups go to the school dentist service to get a check-up. Designers can’t change the fact that humans don’t enjoy the dentist visit, but good design can still affect the experience. It is possible to give the patients a warm reception in the waiting room and examination room as well as an informative visit without fear through thoughtful design.


The HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences started a research project to prove this. In this project we cooperated together with the school dentist service Neukölln. The small team consisted of 6 women: two students, two project managers, one service designer, and one interior designer. Our mission was to make administration to look and feel good. 

The main idea was to create different worlds for the different rooms. This is a playful way to symbolize the different functions of the different stages of the visit at the dentist. We created friendly colors and illustrations to make sure that the children feel comfortable at all times and have something to explore. 

The design of the different worlds is also something that children can recognize and remember better than abstract numbers. Through this, children can orientate themselves and find the rooms much easier. 

my role in this project

My task in this research project was mainly developing a concept for the interior design and implement them. I was also creating educational materials such as small animations for the teaching unit and an exhibition about sugar. I also designed stickers which show the correct tooth brushing technique for children. These could go on the mirror in the bathroom and then support the children.

03 illustrations by Sophia Ulbrich

04 illustrations by Sophia Ulbrich

05 character illustrations by Sophia Ulbrich

06 designs for the walls

07 interior design of the final waiting room

08 interior design of the final waiting room with exhibition about sugar

09 interior design of the final waiting room with wardrobe

10 teeth brushing room

11 teeth brushing room

12 view from hallway into the waiting room

13 hallway

14 sticker with tooth brushing method

15 animations for teaching unit