personal project

01 Terra product

02 Terra collection flyer


Waves is an ethical and sustainable cosmetic start-up company. In a fictitious branding project for Keep It Brief week three on Instagram, the task was to design a packaging that jumps off the shelves at the consumer and doesn’t blend into the existing skin care designs.


The five core values that I picked for this brand are sustainability, quality, diversity, simplicity and inspiration. Since this brand focuses on natural skincare, I came up with the idea of four different skincare sets that are inspired by the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth. Each series has a different color and imagery. But they are connected through soft, natural colors and imagery that shows either people with real skin or natural scenery. The grainy gradient on the packaging adds an organic look to the otherwise clean design.

03 colors and gradients

04 Aqua product

05 Aqua collection box

06 Sol product

07 Sol product

08 Terra collection box

09 Terra product

10 Aura product

11 Aura product

12 poster

13 poster

14 Aura poster

15 Aura collection flyer

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