Surfside Backpacker

logo design, branding, web design

personal project, 2019


When I traveled along the Great Ocean Road, I stayed at the Surfside Backpacker. I already stayed in many hostels. Quickly, I realized, this place differs greatly from all the others. Instead of having one big building it has some smaller houses. Also, there is no sight of big hostel kitchens or big shared bathrooms. Instead, there is a cozy common room with an amazing ocean view. It had an amazing home-like atmosphere which was very nice and comforting after living in hostels for quite some time. I wanted to modernize their visual communication and give it a new modern and fresh look which suits more to their main target group: young travelers.


The new visuals comprise a new logo that also represents its name, a structured website, and print media like business cards and official letterhead. The colors are fun, playful but yet calming.

01 logo

02 business card

03 website

04 website book a room

05 website book a room

06 mobile website

07 mobile website

08 keyrings


09 neon sign

10 letterhead

11 merch bag


12 postcard