brand positioning, brand identity, web design

uni project, 2018
teamwork with Svenja Schulz


In this main project, we created a fictional brand history as well as a brand identity for a company from the GDR, which actually didn’t survive the fall of the Berlin Wall. We decided to rebrand the company called “Rewatex”. “Rewatex” was a laundry service which also offered laundry collection and delivery service.


The challenge of this project consisted of getting to know the brand while defining a target group, researching the current competition, defining the position of the brand and develop a strategy before creating a design.

01 original design

02 new design – laundry bag

03 new logo

04 mood board

05 patterns

06 website

07 app

08 clothing label

09 clothing box


10 clothing packaging

11 outdoor advertisment


12 outdoor advertisment