A Book About Generation Y

editorial design
book: format 20x21cm 68 pages, booklet: format 10x12cm, 44 pages

uni project, 2017
teamwork with Svenja Schulz


In the second semester of our basic studies, one task was to design a book. Above all, this project was about the process of creating a book from planning the structure to printing and binding it. The focus was mainly on fine typography as well as implementing our topic through typography.


We wanted to present the Generation Y and how other people think and talk about them in an amusing and light-hearted but informative way. Apart from a few texts, which we have researched carefully, there are typographic double pages that are found throughout the whole book. In these double pages, we compared two quotes. One was from Generation Y and one was about them.

Book about Generation Y Quotes

01 double page with quotes

02 book cover

03 double page


04 double page

05 double page

06 booklet flap

07 booklet pattern

08 dictionary double page


08 booklet cover

09 dictionary double page

10 booklet back cover