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Redesign of a Brand Called Rewatex
corporate design

Rewatex, a former GDR brand, was a textile cleaning service company. Its name is derived from the german slogan „reinigt und wäscht Textilien“ („cleans and washes textiles“). In 1832 the company was established in Berlin known as „Seidenfärberei Wilhelm Spindler“. They were the first who offered dry cleaning in 1854.
The various patterns are the main focus of the new corporate identity. They show different clothes after the process of folding. The patterns can be used in the background with text, on its own in full size or cut off in a corner.
The corporate typeface is DinPro. The DinPro Bold is used for titles and DinPro Medium is used for the body text. This typeface is modern and easily legible. Also it is very simple which suits to the brand values - reliability and performance.
The primary colors are white and blue to retain the heritage of the brand. Orange is used as a special color. This color combination is clearly different form the market environment and it is also attracting the intended target group.
The icons that are used have curvy lines and rounded corners. This also suits to the brand values - lightness and spontaneity.

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