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Fine Line Whale Illustrations

Whale Illustrations

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Fine Line Plant Illustrations

Plant Illustrations

illustrations inspired by the australian flora
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Botany Series Book Cover Series

Botany Series

fictional book cover series
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Aquatic Animation Short Film


a frame-by-frame animation short film made within 5 days, including idea, concept, illustration and animation
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Travel Brochure About Bali Editorial Design

Travel Brochure About Bali

editorial design
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Eco Alphabet Icon Design

Eco Alphabet

icon design for different categories
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Book Project about Millenials Editorial Design

Book Project about Millenials

editorial design
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Booklet About Millenials

Booklet about Millenials

editorial design and icon design
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Corporate Design Rewatex GDR Brand

Redesign of a Brand Called Rewatex

corporate design
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Interactive Web Design

Interactive Website

web design and html & css practice
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Fruit And Veggie Bags Logo Design and Photography

Fruit and Veggie Bags

photography and logo design for a fictional brand
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